"Tastes as Good as it Looks"

Gourmet Cooking Oil and Balsamic Vinegars from Benissimo

Hongar Farms crafts a long line of original herb-infused cooking oils and balsamic vinegars that can turn any dish into a five-star meal. Our products come in a wide range of flavors, helping you create a flavor palate perfect for various styles of cuisines from all over the world.

Our Benissimo line of gourmet balsamic vinegars and cooking oils can be found in grocery stores across the United States. We produce a number of garlic-infused products . in many flavors, including Parmesan Garlic, Mediterranean Garlic, Roasted Garlic and Siciliano Garlic. Aside from gourmet garlic cooking oils, we have an excellent selection of gourmet balsamic vinegars as well as a variety of other infused oils and vinegars.

Hongar Farms' Benissimo flavored cooking oils and vinegars are based on centuries of knowledge in food production and cooking. When you want to create a dish that will amaze you and your family, our oils will take your kitchen adventures in a brand new direction. Contact Hongar Farms to learn more about any of our products or gift sets.